Petrobras Eyes Angola’s Subsalt Potential

Petroleum Africa

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Petrobras Eyes Angola’s Subsalt Potential

Brazil’s state-owned oil and gas firm Petrobras said that it plans to conduct seismic tests for subsalt oil deposits in Angola according to a report in the Brazilian paper O Estado de Sao Paulo. The company’s Executive Manager Samir Awad said that the tests will take place in 2009.

“It’s possible that we could also discover oil there and, starting with seismic tests, we could know whether it’s worth exploring the African subsalt layer,” Awad said. The company recently made a subsalt discovery off the coast of Brazil and Petrobras is hoping Angola shares the trend.

According to geologists, the South American and African coasts share geologic similarities, including a salt layer that covered deposits of organic material. “Geologic similarities, however, may not generate great results,” said Awad.

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